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How do you feel when you wake up each morning? Is it difficult to get out of bed? Do you click the snooze button on your alarm multiple times until you finally drag yourself out from under the covers? Why is that?

Well, in order to find out let's take a closer look at what you do each morning. What is the first thing that you do when you wake up? Do you reach for your phone and check Facebook, Instagram or email? How does that make you feel? When you start your morning by looking at your phone before you've even gotten out of bed, something happens that changes your outlook on the day. It no longer becomes you writing your own show, creating your own story, living your own life. Instead, it becomes you reacting to someone else's show, especially if you check social media first thing in the morning. Instead of looking at what you have and how lucky and grateful you are to be where you are, social media promotes a different biochemical response in all of us.

This biochemical difference is what makes us look at other people's perfect pictures online and feel like we are missing out. It makes us focus on what we don't have instead of being grateful for what we do have. The key to happiness and fulfillment is plain and simple: be grateful for what you have and find ways to give to, and help, others. That is the ultimate recipe for success. I have created a 30 day plan in this book that will help you discover new, simple ways to experience more happiness and fulfillment; ways to give back to those you care about and be cognizant of, and grateful for, what you have.

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